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Why Colorado Jewish Professional Women (CJPW)?

Our inclusive atmosphere and welcoming vibe attract women from all over our area, transplants and natives alike. In 2022, CJPW will continue to enrich women’s lives by intentionally cultivating meaningful relationships among us.

Recent Blog Posts

Finding Peace, One Piece at a Time

By Rachel Kodanaz | August 26, 2019

This post is written by CJPW member Rachel Kodanaz. Rachel has been speaking passionately to national audiences of all sizes for over 20 years, addressing the change, growth, and acceptance that come with life’s transitions. Learn more at www.RachelKodanaz.com. Our personal possessions tell a beautiful story of ourselves and those of our family members whom …

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3 Ways Feng Shui Can Make You Proud of Your Website

By Jamie Bass, MPH | July 2, 2019

This post is written by CJPW member Jamie Bass, whose company, Aligned Spaces, specializes in feng shui and spatial consulting. Their mission is to help you create spaces, whether physical or virtual, that reflect who you are. To read more feng shui- and space-related articles, check out their blog here. There’s no doubt about it: we’re …

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My Vorpal Chainsaw

By elisarobyn | May 10, 2019

It was the broken branches scattered like a velociraptor carcass in the yard after a wild wind storm that started me thinking about chainsaws. When I think of shopping I am more likely to envision high-end resale boutiques or perhaps hiking gear, so I had no frame of reference for chain saws, or trimmers, or other potentially deadly yard contraptions. I did what every modern person seems to do, googled for answers, and asked friends for advice. The internet answers were confusing and the consistent advice from friends was “I advise you to NOT buy a chain saw.”

The Most Important Communication Concept

By Ali | May 8, 2019

Sometimes communication can feel like the hardest thing in the world. When we’re in the middle of a fight with our significant other, when we’re in a rough spot with our boss or coworker, when we get into an argument with our kids or a friend, it can feel like everything is crashing down around us. It may seem crazy, but there is one very logical reason this happens. When we enter into a conflict with someone we know and trust, in that moment (no matter how fleeting it may be), the connection is broken.

Parents: How to Stop the Screaming In Your Home

By Ali | May 6, 2019

If you have a teen, you don’t need me to tell you how volatile their mood swings can be. Even when we think we’re approaching a subject in the most objective of tones, the conversation can escalate pretty fast. Raising a well-disciplined teen helps, but there’s a point at which your teen controlling their raging hormones is about as easy as you controlling your reaction to them.

Job Security vs. Career Security

By SoundAdviceCareers | May 2, 2019

Job security is what so many of us dream about: focusing on work without worrying about layoffs, budget cuts or politics. Putting time in with a company, working the ladder and being rewarded for years and effort… Unfortunately, this kind of job security is an illusion. Perhaps in decades past employees could enjoy the benefits …

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About Shalom Park

By Shalom Park | May 1, 2019

As a not-for-profit senior care facility, Shalom Park provides personalized and skilled care to seniors, 65-years of age and older. The campus includes the Shalom Park Nursing Home for those who need 24-hour care and the J. Leonard Levy Family Wellness Center. The Wellness Center includes a fitness center and therapeutic pool designed specifically for seniors, as well as offers inpatient and outpatient therapy. Other services include therapy, a bistro and a salon.

Re-frame Your Mindset

By Ali | April 30, 2019

Before we can make any positive changes in our lives, we must first stop doing the things that aren’t working. Then we can begin to create new, more positive habits. When you re-frame your mindset and live this change every day, you’ll see results. While the road isn’t always easy – and it certainly isn’t short – it will get you to where you want to be. And isn’t that so worth it in the end?

Ocean Walking

By elisarobyn | April 29, 2019

The ocean speaks in heart echoes and soul songs without words. Only feelings and senses and energy and dreams that fill any open spaces with laughter and love. I dance down the shore, adding a few tears to the salty surf, and feel renewed and often reborn. My body relaxes and heals while my spirit expands. All that exists is the present moment and it is wonderful.

10 Time Management Tips

By SoundAdviceCareers | April 26, 2019

Work, commute and sleep alone monopolizes about 430 hours of a month, leaving very little time for friends, family, personal obligations, chores and leisure activities. This is why it is so important to be smart and disciplined in managing your time, especially if you are trying to reach specific goals. Keeping your time organized and being cognizant of how you spend it is a major factor in keeping focused on your goals and minimizing stress. How else can you enjoy any time you have left?

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