About Shalom Park

As a not-for-profit senior care facility, Shalom Park provides personalized and skilled care to seniors, 65-years of age and older. The campus includes a Nursing Home for those who need 24-hour care and the J. Leonard Levy Family Wellness Center. The Wellness Center includes a fitness center and therapeutic pool designed specifically for seniors, as well as offers inpatient and outpatient therapy. Other services include a bistro and salon.


Shalom Park’s history dates to the Beth Israel Hospital and Home Society, established in 1919. Founded by Bella Mintz, the Beth Israel Hospital and Home Society was originally established so that the elderly Jewish population had a place to receive care as they aged.

In 1923, the Beth Israel Hospital and Home for the Aging was built on the west side of Denver. Then, in 1946, the new Beth Israel facility opened on West 16th and Meade. In 1992, Shalom Park in Aurora opened as the idyllic, mountain-view setting for the Beth Israel Nursing Home, also known as the Shalom Park Nursing Home. In 2012, the J. Leonard Levy Family Wellness Center debuted.

Shalom Park Nursing Home is a place where elders may live their lives with dignity, honor and respect, regardless of their finances. The facility welcomes individuals of any faith, race, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

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