My Vorpal Chainsaw

It was the broken branches scattered like a velociraptor carcass in the yard after a wild wind storm that started me thinking about chainsaws. When I think of shopping I am more likely to envision high-end resale boutiques or perhaps hiking gear, so I had no frame of reference for chain saws, or trimmers, or other potentially deadly yard contraptions. I did what every modern person seems to do, googled for answers, and asked friends for advice. The internet answers were confusing and the consistent advice from friends was “I advise you to NOT buy a chain saw.”

Ocean Walking

The ocean speaks in heart echoes and soul songs without words. Only feelings and senses and energy and dreams that fill any open spaces with laughter and love. I dance down the shore, adding a few tears to the salty surf, and feel renewed and often reborn. My body relaxes and heals while my spirit expands. All that exists is the present moment and it is wonderful.


Life sometimes shifts when we least expect it to, making us feel we might be at a crossroads. Do you ever feel like you are dancing to repeating rhythms and melodies, songs that haunt you, and at times retreat into the dark? And then, suddenly, without fuss, you find yourself at that wondrous crossroads of …

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